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  • We are now officially certified as an Air Pure Zone

We are now officially certified as an Air Pure Zone

Ensuring the high-quality air we breathe is a fundamental right for every individual, particularly in light of the ongoing challenges posed by a highly contagious airborne virus.

To address this critical concern, our facility has implemented a cutting-edge biological air purification system, utilizing patented technology capable of capturing a wide range of pollutant particles, including gases, bacteria, viruses, mold and fungal spores, ultrafine particulate matter, and more. This system can even capture particles that defy the effects of gravity and traditional ventilation methods.

Once these contaminants are drawn into our air purification units, they are efficiently broken down and transformed into harmless water and carbon dioxide.

Our bioreactors are equipped with third-party-certified software that continually monitors real-time air quality, taking into account fluctuations due to varying occupancy and exposure to unpurified air. This software provides us with crucial performance indicators for our system.

Moreover, our bioreactors offer the unique capability to periodically test the water in which the purified pollutants are transformed, enabling us to verify if they have intercepted the COVID-19 virus.

We are readily available for any further inquiries or information you may require.