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Luxury property market in Milan

Until the onset of the pandemic, Milan, Italy, had experienced a boom in its appeal on both a European and global scale: attracting businesses, beating records in tourist flows, hosting international events, investing in the development of infrastructure and urban and suburban transportation, maintaining its undisputed role as the world capital of fashion and design, and increasing its resident population.

Luxury Residences Report SecondHalf 2020 - Press release

From the second half-year 2020 we have completely rethought our Report. There's a brand new graphic design, but above all we have increased the quantitative information for each of the market indicators. In 60 pages we have integrated over 85 graphs distinctly showing the trend of the parameters in the last 10 half-years or 10 years on an annual basis” says Gabriele Torchiani – senior partner in charge of the Report.

Luxury Residences Report First Half 2020 - Press release

The first half year of 2020 includes the three months of nearly complete shutdown due to health emergency. By handling with a halved activity range the indicators covering such period cannot but record a negative sign.

Luxury Residences Report Second Half 2019 - Press release

The second half of 2019 confirms the particularly brilliant phase in Milan with regard to demand for exclusive homes: the average take-up rate, namely the proportion of homes sold compared to those available, is at 22%. In H1 2013, this rate was at 2.8%.

Tirelli & Partners is the first real estate company in Italy to obtain B Corp® certification.

A global movement, as of now B Corp includes more than 3,200 enterprises operating in over 150 industries and 70 countries.

Luxury Residences Report First Half 2019 - Press release

In this generally positive situation of bright prospects for at least the next five years, the residential market as a whole and in particular the market of luxury homes are in ferment, held back only by the chronic lack of an appropriate supply in terms of quality.

Luxury Residences Report Second Half 2018 - Press release

Compared to the first part of the year, the prices requested have increased by 1.4% on average, by 1.7% at the upper end (properties in the first quartile for total price, therefore the most exclusive and expensive).

Luxury Residences Report First Half 2018 - Press release

“The first half of 2018 was outstanding! It was without doubt the best six month period for the last seven years in terms of sales,” explained Marco Tirelli.

Paper - Benefici fiscali per attrarre HNWI (Flat tax)


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