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On 30 October 2019, we founded the Cambia Mente Ets Association (a name meaning "change your mind" in Italian).

This non-profit is the vehicle through which Tirelli & Partners srl, a benefit corporation, operationally pursues its goals, working towards the common good and striving to have a positive impact on the environment, society and the community, as indicated in the mission statement.

These are the objectives:

1. education and awareness-raising in order to increase:

  • knowledge and awareness about business models involving shared profits and those with a high degree of social responsibility, through which people can satisfy their basic human needs (subsistence, rest, understanding, identity, contribution, love, creation, freedom, safety and security), which are the building blocks of happiness;
  • "future-proof" business practices and models to accelerate the positive transformation of economic, production, consumption and cultural paradigms, so that they incorporate the systematic regeneration of natural systems;
  • awareness of the B Corp model and the legal status of benefit corporation;
  • topics related to living responsibly and in harmony with others and the planet Earth;

2. support for the reception and reduction of marginalization and exploitation of vulnerable groups;

3. support for schooling and educational, training and scholastic programmes.

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