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On December 22nd 2019 we also obtained the B Corp certification with 85.3 points. Considering that the Benefit Impact Assessment has been used by over 110,000 companies and only 3% of them exceeded the 80-point threshold, this is an excellent result.  

This certification verifies and ensures that a company works according to the highest standards of social and environmental performance.

These are the impact areas evaluated by the BIA:

The "Governance" area - The assessment positively considered overall mission, transparency and ethics of the company. Furthermore it has been recognized that Tirelli & Partners’ mission is firmly anchored to a regeneration model of growth.

The "Workers" area - The assessment positively evaluated the attention we place on the well being of all employees through the distribution of economic and non-economic benefits and through the creation of a solidarity-based collaboration environment.

The "Community" area - The assessment evaluated in a more than flattering way the effort of the company to generate a positive economic and social impact and the commitment to donate each year an amount equal to 2% of the annual turnover or 20 % of yearly profits.

The "Environment" area - The assessment positively considered Tirelli & Partners' efforts to limit its CO2 emissions as well as that of neutralizing its annual impact on the environment through a reforestation project.


We dream of a fair, clean and humane world.

We believe in people and solidarity-based collaboration.

Every day we aim to create – and inspire our community to adopt – a socially responsible and sustainable business model.

The values that shape our actions have become the four key words that define our everyday efforts



Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits.

Watch your habits, for they become your character.

And watch your character, for it becomes your destiny - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Care and attention to detail is a priority when it comes to ourselves, others and the environment, and we want it to be the guiding principle behind our actions. Caring means acting with passion, consideration, diligence and love. It's the only way to ensure that others won’t have to bear the consequences of our actions, whether that means pollution or a job that wasn't done as best it could be.


Kindness means being a rainbow in someone else’s sky.

We aim to contribute to people's happiness by creating a workplace where kindness can take shape daily. Our kind revolution starts with taking care of ourselves, others and everything around us.


Lightness gives us a broader viewpoint. Take life lightly, for lightness is not superficial, but gliding above things, not having weights on your heart - Italo Calvino

Lightness is the absence of internal weight, understood as both physical weight and as obstacles that make relationships difficult. Lightness means knowing how to make things simple. We therefore try to simplify and facilitate personal relationships, inside and outside the office, but also to free our workspaces of everything superfluous and unused so that they are more pleasant, clean and sustainable.


Transparency is the guardian of wisdom - Gerd de Ley

What is transparent is never hidden, its intent, purpose and finality are clear to see. But transparency is also the characteristic of whatever is ‘clean’, both ethically and ecologically.



We understand the importance of safeguarding the environment as a primary resource, and we're committed to protecting it through our daily actions and the attention of all our employees, viewing the natural world as an integral part of our operations.

We've adopted sustainable business practices to minimize the impact of our actions on the environment, managing the workplace responsibly, avoiding waste and minimising the production of rubbish and emissions. We thus support behaviours with low environmental impact, and we purchase and use materials, products and services with the best environmental ratings whenever possible. That's true both in-house and for all external collaborators. All our employees are allowed to bring items that require special recycling or disposal procedures to the company offices, so that the company itself may dispose of them properly.

In order to clearly identify the environmental impact of our business and to verify our progress in relation to pre-established environmental goals, we carefully monitor our environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions using this tool:


From 2020 to 2022, we produced approximately 31.44 metric tons of CO2, and to offset this, we funded a responsible reforestation project in Kenya. Our forest now consists of 394 trees and sequesters 85.35 metric tons of CO2.


To foster human relations that valorise people to contribute to common good. For that reason, our ‘being’ is ‘being socially responsible’, a formula we apply while building a business model that:

  • illustrates and demonstrates the potential of a "non-extractive" financial model where exploiting people and creating excessive inequality, waste and reckless pollution are prohibited;
  • through supportive, fair collaboration, rewards things that are "done well" and not those "done alone", eliminating the socially unacceptable effects of meritocracy;
  • builds and helps others build human relationships, not just economic-financial relationships;
  • uses profit as a means to facilitate people's happiness at the company and beyond, and not as an end in and of itself.

To us, happiness is a priority. The first line of our articles of association states that idea clearly: "Our ultimate goal is the pursuit of the wellness and happiness of all those who are a part of Tirelli & Partners srl, a benefit corporation, by allowing them to work in a fair, supportive, motivating environment and to participate in a business where prosperity is to be shared, and where exploiting people and creating excessive inequality is prohibited".

Here are a few of the concrete actions we take to implement our social policy:

  •  the highest annual salary at the company may not be more than seven times that of the lowest annual salary. If that happens, we intervene with an additional bonus to make up for the difference;
  • we've replaced meritocracy with supportive, fair collaboration. All employees should feel free to ask their manager or colleagues for help, knowing that their pay won’t be any less than if they had complete the job successfully on their own;
  • we have "safe spaces" dedicated to cultural activities, shared experiences or simply spending time together throughout the workday, in which work-related topics are prohibited;
  • we are committed to donating the lesser of either 2% of our turnover or 20% of our profits to charity each year;
  • we give each employee 30 hours of annual paid leave for voluntary or pro-bono activities.

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