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The CFI.co judges have conferred on Tirelli & Partners the 2020 award for Best Exclusive Residential Property Consultancy Italy 2020.

Highlights of the judging panel’s findings include: 

  • Tirelli & Partners provides high-quality, high-touch care and customised consultancy and intermediary services for exclusive residential and commercial properties.
  • Tirelli & Partners set the standard with the quality of its marketing material. Using the highest quality and cutting edge technology, its virtual and augmented reality and trackable application provides its clients with the best results.
  • As a globally certified B Corporation and an Italian Benefit Company, Tirelli & Partners aspires to more than profit margins. The B-Corp designation refers to 3,200 companies — in over 150 sectors and 70 countries — that have pledged to follow a “non-extractive” business model that safeguards the environment and provides shared benefits for all.  
  • In 2019, it established the non-profit Cambia Mente (Changing Mindsets) Association to pursue, promote and propagate the benefits of responsible capitalism.

“We are honoured and proud of this award which once again confirms that our almost 35 years long history of attention to customers and all our stakeholders is the right path towards a prosperity able to create shared benefits"- says Marco Tirelli. "I believe there is a real need to remind us that a company is a social body, called to operate for the common wellness and not instead an entity just aimed to maximize its shareholders’ profit. It is clear to anyone who wants to keep their eyes open wide that "extractive" economic models accelerate inequalities and the degradation of social systems, as well as environmental ones. When economy has as its target just profit, it behaves as the master of the world, regardless of the negative consequences of its behaviour in other parts of our Earth and for future generations. If we want the world to remain a welcoming place for all of us, companies must act as a positive force for change by redefining the priorities that guide their action: well-being of people, social cohesion and regeneration of natural systems must become the heart of "future-proof”economic paradigms”.

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