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For the second consecutive year, the panel of judges of the English magazine CFI.co - Capital Finance International awarded us as the Best Exclusive Residential Property Consultancy Italy.

"The motto of Tirelli & Partners, a Milanese company leader in the luxury real estate sector, is: Every day we unlearn to better learn. The maxim illustrates the company's absolute commitment to innovation.

Tirelli & Partners received this recognition for its commitment to aspire to something more than profit margins, while following a “non-extractive” business model that safeguards the environment and provides shared benefits for all. Corporate priorities have been redefined: it's not just about profit, but about choosing to focus on people's well-being, social cohesion and the regeneration of natural environments."

This award is a recognition of the spirit of service with which we try to carry out our work by focusing on the relationships between us colleagues, with you customers and suppliers and with the various communities in which we actively participate to build a common good.

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